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Gregorelli & Uberti 1851 Colt 1959-1962 help



I have acquired a new in box all steel G&U 1851 .36 Colt Navy Revolver.  I don't see any sign of it being fired. 

It looks like this with the box but in better condition.  It is missing the manual however.

From what I have read this potentially is a collector piece as it was one of the early Colts to be recreated.  I also read that parts may be difficult to find for it.  It has no proof marks and warnings on it.

I would like to shoot it.  From what I read here the nipples are like the original colts and modern caps will not fit.  So I should replace the nipples. 

I'm not sure on load size.  According to Uberti's manual I found online more modern 1851 Colt repos would use a 15-25 black powder charge and a .375 ball.  I'm new to black powder.  Would this be the correct load and ball to use on the old G&U?

River City John:
A commonly used combination is 17gr FFFG with that .375 ball. Some go with a .380 for a tighter fit, shaving a nice ring of lead off the ball as you ram it home. Some use a .36cal Ox-Yoke lubricating felt pad between the powder and the ball. Others dab a bit of their favorite lube over the ball in each cylinder chamber after loading.

My preference is 17gr APP in FFFG, .380 ball, no need to lubricate as it makes its own lube of sorts. Clean up is a breeze.

Have fun experimenting.  I would agree with you, it deserves to be shot as it's not an original 1851.


I found some partial loading instructions here with this image.


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