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opinions on Uberti 1873 lever in 44 mag


Not sure if i am in the right area, i assume I will find out shortly :)

I am only an intermittent shooter with a Rossi 92 in 357. With the opportunity to get a Uberti lever in 44 mag i am trying to piece some info together on them. The gun will see cowboy load use in factory form only( no short stroke kits) using 44 special brass and some '44-40 level power' loads for hunting to 100 yards. I know the italians proof test these okay but I wont need to run real magnum loads in this 1873 ever.

Thanks if anyone can weigh in on any of the following regarding fit, finish, barrels and potential accuracy of these guns?

1, Where do they rate between say a Rossi at one end of the roughness scale and say a winchester Miroku at the other?
2. Are the barrels on these ubertis okay?Am I in with a chance of finding accurate "44special+P" and 44-40 level loads for hunting? I'll cast some to the bore, and also try 200 GDHP which are the go to for expansion at low speeds in handguns.
3. Will this gun feed 44 special okay. I know it can be hit and miss in lever actions in general but I understand they use the indentical setup for 44 mag and 44 special in uberti.

For the record the gun is a 24 1/4" oct barrel, a special order which the original customer did not end up taking reciept of.

1.  The Uberti will be smoother than the '92 (when cycling ammo.  A '92 can feel pretty smooth cycling empty).  The Miroku will definitely feel smoother out of the box.  This is because the Uberti is sprung more heavily than the Miroku.  With aftermarket springs, ground down springs, or just adjusting the spring attachment screws, the Uberti will feel much better than stock.

2.  I think the barrels are okay.  Haven't heard too many people complaining about the bores.  Although I've seen some folks complain that the twist rate on 44-40 isn't what they thought it should be.

3.  Should feed 44 Spcl just fine.

BTW, Uberti usually says no +P ammo in most of their guns, although I'm not sure if a +P 44 Spcl would be any hotter than a standard 44 mag.
We will expect pictures and a range report.  :)

Bryan Austin:
Nevermind, I read it wrong

Cholla Hill Tirador:
  I'm a little late to the dance....

  I had one of these in a carbine and sold it, wish I hadn't. It was the smoothest '73 I've ever fired, one of those that almost felt as though it'd run itself. I mainly fired .44 Special handloads through mine. I used a little 165 gr. RNFP for CAS and a 255 gr. SWC for hunting. It was plenty accurate for a hunting rifle too.


Very Nice!



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