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Uberti or Pietta SAA Clone Quality, Durability and Authenticity?

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I always get a chuckle out of "are the fake Italian Colt copies authentic?"  If you want "authentic" the only thing that is is a Colt.

Shotgun Franklin:
I've owned and shot both company's SAA clones. Out of the box the Pietta is much smoother. The Uberti is a better copy of the original.
In my experience avoid the Remington 1875 clones like they are death. They are totally unreliable.

Lefty Dude:
My Cimarron/Uberti SAA Artilliary model BP frame is one nice piece for the money. It is no Colt as I have several. For an out of the box piece it is of good quality. I changed the main spring to a lighter Wolff spiing and also replace the leaf trigger/bolt spring with a reduced leaf spring.
This piece is very accurate, the bore slugs .450" and the cylinder throats are .4505". I use this 45 for long range side matches. Sorry to say, it out shoots my Colts.

Virginia Gentleman:
I don't think that authenticity compared to the original design is trivial as it shows how a SAA with out the pony can be as close or even closer to a first or second gen Colt than the current offering from the company that calls itself Colt.  Roll marks and sights etc distingush them from say Pietta who does not put on the patent dates so to me it looks less authentic.


I also chuckle whenever I hear "Your buying a piece of History" from the Coltistas.  Nope.  Just another new gun.  For 2013 we should eliminate "period correct" and "clone" from our vocabulary.  Change those words to profanity and just ban "em.




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