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Uberti or Pietta SAA Clone Quality, Durability and Authenticity?

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Dirty Dick:
Converting my four Uberti open tops to coil hand springs. Two of them were over-rotating brand new, installed new Pietta bolts to solve the problem, bot with lots of advice from Coffinmaker. Thank you sir.

The original bad bob:
Here is my 2 cents

I have a few real Colt saa’s Made in the 1870’s and 1880’s.. I have more Italian Colt saa replicas.. I really like the ASM Hartford model which unfortunately is no longer being made....I also have a few Ubertis and IMO these are superior to pietta because of Ubertis attention to detail and authenticity... my collecting interest is limited to only black powder framed Colt saa’s and the same in the Italian clones.
My choice of an Italian Colt clone would be ASM Hartford model, Uberti, pietta in that order.

My specific favorite shooter Italian replicas are : ASM US cavalry model , Uberti pinched frame early Colt saa replica with German silver (brass) front sight and a older made in 1990’s Uberti cimarron with a 4-3/4” barrel that I conceal carry... some vintage cimarron Ubertis are better than others.. for example the old cimarron I have has a heavy beveled black powder style cylinder and has the deeper cast hammer checkering va. The newest cimarron hammer checkering which appears to be laser cut which I don’t care for at all... looks cheap IMO.. Cimarron does do a very good job with other details like simulation italic barrel markings, authentic caliber markings on trigger guard and serial numbers on all parts emulating the real Colts

It is also my experience that the modern Italian guns are made to closer tolerances and more often shoot to the point of aim than the antique Colts I have owned.

I feel a sense of responsibility owning the Colts ... the responsibility is that it survived in very good condition for over 130 years and I would be really upset if I were the one to damage the pistol by having it fall out of a holster or somehow damage it by carrying it in the field or blow it up by firing it with a hot smokeless round . I don’t have this sense of responsibility with the Italian replicas... I don’t really care if I drop it in the dirt, carry it in the Desert, or if it were to fall out of my holster and land on a rock and be dented or dinged.

For collecting, Colt wins hands down.. for stress free shooting, tinkering on and carrying in the field.. The Italians win

Virginia Gentleman:
Excellent post!


I have some observations.  Strictly from a mechanics view.  I don’t, and never have collected anything.  I also have absolutely no obbesence to Colt.  For what you get, way way overpriced and just as needy as any Replicant.  At the price point, that’s ludicrous.

Uberti display the more accurate roll marking if that actually mean’s anything.  Took them years to catch up to the coil spring and plunger for the hand and then with infinite wisdom they screwed the. Pooch with that stupid firing pin.  They have always taken a bunch of work to be user friendly.

Pietta has had a better “out of the box” replica since introducing the GW 2.  Just needed a little tweaking.

I place USFA and Standard in the same category as Colt.  Way way overpriced and quite needy. 

You pays your money and takes your chances

Play Safe Out There

Virginia Gentleman:
USFAs were worth it before they got too expensive which helped drive them out of business.  I mean, 4130 and 4140 steel etc are a universal standard in international industry yet the Italian guns are still looked down upon by so many Colt followers.  LOL!  COLT FOLLOWER..... ;D



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