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Uberti or Pietta SAA Clone Quality, Durability and Authenticity?

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Virginia Gentleman:
Tell me why you prefer one over the other and what about them makes them better over the other? Shootability, durability, overall quality, casehardening, bluing or other finishes, smoothness in operation and authenticity comparion comments, please.

Virginia Gentleman:
Anyone have an opinion?

I will repeat what I posted in another topic:

"Cimarron does sell both Uberti and Pietta SAA's and I have handled quite a few of each.  If authenticity is important to you then Uberti all the way, for a number of small and large differences I won't go into.  If authenticity is not and you just want something for either competition or general shooting, then either is a nice six shooter.  Pietta generally feels much smoother out of the box.  Lighter springs for sure.  Feels like more polish inside as well.  Pietta has squared front and rear sights versus tapered front and v-notch rear of the standard Uberti Model P.  There are other Model P's like the Evil Roys and stainless guns that do have squared sights.  Uberti has the polyurethane finish on the grips.  I've seen the Pietta the same way but I think oiled grip is the standard now.  The Uberti's could use lighter springs, and for some folks that is all they need.  Both brands tend to be timed pretty well out of the box.  I think both brands can hold up well for CAS use.  Serious competitors would want to get an action job with either, though the Pietta might need less work.   I like the Ubertis better for the authentiicity issues. "

Now, having said that, I think that the Uberti Cattleman from some importers other than Cimarron might still have the "safety hammer" with hammer-block linkage in the hammer.  I don't care too much for the looks of that.  Regarding finish, I think the blued cylinders and barrels on the current Piettas are slightly more polished than Uberti.  The case colors on the Pietta tend to be brighter than the average Uberti Cattleman, although the case colors Uberti puts on the Cimarron Model P's looks about the same as the Pietta to me.


I'd like to be cantankerous and do a great long dissertation, but I think Abilene covered it nicely.  Pietta and Uberti both did away with the traditional flat hand spring which eliminated 90 percent of the reliability issues.  Piettas require less work to be truly competitive therefore I consider them a better value for dollar.  Both are great guns.


Gen Lew Wallace:
Thank you for sharing gentlemen.  It's always helpful to hear from the experience of others.



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