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Forehand & Wadsworth Single Action 44

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I recently dropped by an LGS that I had never been to before--it's in a different town about 45 minutes away and Garmin says it's on an "alley," which dampened my enthusiasm.  But I happened to be driving right by it after a business meeting last week, so took the chance.  It turned out to be a nice, but somewhat sparse shop--mostly modern stuff, but a very few interesting odds and ends.  One was a Forehand and Wadsworth New Model single action--something one doesn't run across everyday--and it ended up coming home with me.  Despite its 1880's manufacture date, the shop insisted on a background check, but at least they agreed to pick up the $20 fee for that.

The references on this revolver are pretty sparse--they all seem to crib off one another, but the consensus seems to be that there weren't very  many made, they were mostly nickel plated, and they were all in .44 Russian.  This one was blue (now brown), and pretty sure it's in .44-40.  The cylinder is the right length for the longer round, and the case fits--a .44 Russian case will also go in, .44 Special won't go in the last quarter inch, and .45 Colt will not go in at all.  The bore slugs about .428 but the mouths of the cylinder are all about .442, which seems kind of large.  Still, .44-40 is the closest fit--I'll probably cast a couple chambers to be sure before I SHOOT IT.

So, does anyone have any info on these guns?


Folks like to see pictures.

Gee, how cool is that?  Any story from them on how they got it?

Major 2:
That is so very cool....  :)

All without plastic.



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