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Help-Beretta Laramie does not fire!

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--- Quote from: Coal Creek Griff on February 18, 2022, 03:34:16 PM ---With my Uberti Schofield, the safety may have "fallen out".  I would never disable a superfluous safety which only has the potential to make the gun operate less well.
--- End quote ---

Major 2:
I'm clued in with "safety fell out" and the "lost my guns in a boating accident"
and other "tongue firmly in cheek" retorts.

I on the other hand freely report, as in my JM Marlin, the Cross-bolt safety was removed deliberately and replace with the available replacement screw.
I use the safety between my ears.
I also chose the Uberti NM #3 over the Beretta Laramie for same reason "no transfer bar"
Would not buy the safety retracting hammer SAA either....
Don't own any Ruger's with TB hammers any more.

I do wear seat belts, a helmet when I had a my motorcycle, never crossed my wife and other such safety features.  :)


The Uberti NM#3 and the "Berretta" nee Uberti Laramie have the exact same safety.  If you have a NM#3 without one, then it fell out sometime in the past . . .  ::)

Major 2:
Bought new in box from Taylor's - 2014 [CM] date code.

no sliding bar safety present


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