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Help-Beretta Laramie does not fire!

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Hi  I just purchased a used, but NIB Beretta Laramie
It seems to function but when I took it to the range the firing pin does NOT seem to strike the primer
The weapon does NOT fire
Any experts out there-I need your help!

Major 2:
Sound like the automatic safety on the hammer consisting of the sliding bar is your issue.
The bar automatically resets itself between the hammer and the frame, preventing accidental discharge.
It is either gummed up preventing movement or its broken.
Replacements are at VTI Gun Parts


If the hammer safety is supposed to slide up and down..it does not

Major 2:
There you go, therein lies the rub, no pun intended  :)

 (You probably know this, Beretta owns Uberti, and Uberti made the Beretta Laramie, what is call badge engineering)
I have the Uberti version without the transfer bar.

So-My gunsmith (a very skilled guy) ended up taking out the hammer safety block assembly.  Apparently the previous owner went into the gun, and in an attempt to do a home "tune up" ended up basically destroying safety block and making the un inoperable.   I am hoping that the gun will now function normally



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