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The Barracks / .50-70
« Last post by Drydock on Today at 01:38:10 PM »

Follow up in a few weeks on the conflict with the Apacheria.
Tall Tales / Re: June is busting out all over ...and Coffee's up
« Last post by pony express on Today at 01:05:30 PM »
Thanks, Slim. I was going to use my 30-30, but due to my usual procrastination, I find myself without enough proper bullets for it, and no mold. Was going to try and use some 180 grain rn from a Lee mold, but...the nose is too long to feed through the action. But I do have a couple hundred bullets for the 38-55, and a set of dies I've had for 20 years, and never used. Only have 60 cases for it, but I've got a couple hundred once fired 30-30 cases someone gave me I can re-size.
The Leather Shop / Re: Jesse James rig
« Last post by Davem on Today at 12:39:57 PM »
Thanks, those look good but in the posted photos it looks like the trigger cutout area is the same in the front and the back and the way the holsters are shown on the cartridge belts- they look like they ride a lot higher.  Hope I explained it right.
Having some iced tea, now.

It is a 1893 Marlin in .38-55 w/ 26" barrel. The 250gr bullet is probably going 1400 fps. I think I raised the sight all the way and walked it in. Those targets are at least 36" tall.

Tall Tales / Re: June is busting out all over ...and Coffee's up
« Last post by pony express on Today at 09:05:03 AM »
Sunshine and 76 here, high supposed to be 92. Biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Extra chunky gravy, won't have to strain it to find the sausage!

Slim, didn't you use a Win 94 in 38-55 at the muster a year or two ago? How'd it do for the 300 yard gong? What I'm reading online says if I sight it 1 1/2" high at 100, it'll drop something like 75 inches at 300! Don't think the standard barrel mounted sight will get me that much elevation.
Morning y'all.
Coffee and iced tea are ready.

Church security duty today.

'Tis 74 and sunny. Less Humidity. High of 87.

Bird Cage Theatre ( Videos ) / My Antique Firearms Youtube Playlist
« Last post by ndnchf on Today at 06:34:22 AM »
I've been adding to my antique firearms playlist lately. It is up over 20 videos now. Check it out, you are bound to find something of interest  ;D Thanks, Steve
Tall Tales / Re: June is busting out all over ...and Coffee's up
« Last post by Delmonico on Yesterday at 09:55:27 PM »
Went to the Fund Raiser supper for the Burr Nebraska VFD, had frog legs, cow nuts, cow tongue, rabbit and other good stuff.  Daughter, her husband and their 4 year old daughter live there and are on the VFD.    Saw several people I used to work with, related to, or old customers.   

Rita ate shrimp. ;D

Money to go to infrared search device, wish I had won the lottery and could have wrote them a check.
The Leather Shop / Re: Borders? Lets build a library!!
« Last post by Marshal Will Wingam on Yesterday at 07:41:56 PM »
Pretty neet tool, marshal. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks. It's crude looking but it works.
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