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Does anyone make a reduced power mainspring for an 1875 Uberti?  Thanks.

     I have not seen any, but you can hour glass yours and get the same results. If you are concerned, buy a spare or two, they are cheap. When shaping, do not getit too hot and radius the edges. Do a little at a time until you get the feel you want.

Thanks Klondike.  After looking around for springs and not finding any, I figured I'd probably have to try it myself.  Don't know if you're familiar with the gun, but there's a small screw on the inside bottom of the grip that apparently increases/decreases tension on the spring.  What exactly does this adjust?  I've played with it a little bit, but I can't really tell any changes other than the hammer won't cock if it's screwed out too much.  Thanks again.

Actually it just holds the spring in place.

Micheal Fortune:

   For springs you can always check out Wolff gun springs.  Your Remington is not listed but you can always go to this page,

   And click the contact button and see if they have any ideas.




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