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Bisley flattop target

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Do any  of you guys have a Bisley Target model ? I've been looking for one for years. You never see them. I've seen 1 for sale about 3 years ago that sold for crazy $. I guess that it wasn't so crazy after all. I keep hoping that Standard will build one before I'm too old to enjoy it !


 :) markg44  ;)

Considering the rather minuscule market for a Flat Top Bisley, I would not suggest holding your breath.  Ya won't look good in Dead Blue  ::)

Play Safe Out There

Texas John Ringo:
If you want to spend stupid money just buy an original Colt.

I was more curious than anything if anyone actually has one. I just never see them.

Capt. John Fitzgerald:
Howdy, Mark!
If you go to the top  of our page you will find the "Link to Articles & USFA Catalogs" section.  Having just reviewed both listed catalogs I note that the only Bisley model listed is their "Holland & Holland" model.  No mention of it being available in a flat-top version.
That being said, USFA was producing a flat-top version of their SAA so, in theory, you probably could have special ordered a flat-top Bisley but it would have been by special order only.  The flat-top Bisley was, apparently, never a production item.  The chances of finding one would be extremely rare and dependent on the very few, if any, special order Bisley models.
I'm just guessing here,



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