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Stainless rodeo?

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Marshall Matt Dillon:
Is there such a thing as a stainless rodeo?


I wouldn't say there couldn't have been a Stainless Prototype.  However, I have never seen nor heard of a "Stainless" USFA in the wild.

Stay Safe Out There

Buckaroo Lou:
I have seen some folks claim the Rodeo II they have is stainless but it isn't It is brushed or satin nickel. Like Coffinmaker said unless it was a possible prototype USFA to my understanding never made for marketing a stainless steel revolver.

Capt. John Fitzgerald:
And if they had made one, which they did not, they certainly would not have marketed it as one of their "bargain priced" Rodeos.

No stainless Rodeos.

There were how ever China Camp guns that were shipped in the white.  Normal steel, with no finish.  I've seen more than one advertised as a "stainless" USFA.   Nice guns.  We still have a pair.  They are blue now.

USSFA wrote them up like this:
"The China Camp Cowboy Action Gun in our patented Silver Steel Competition Finish"

Total BS of course.



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