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I recently acquired a USFA San Juan Hill SAA with the black powder frame.  Gun is in nearly perfect condition.  From what I have researched they were only built in 1998 and have very low production numbers, but that is all I have been able to ascertain about this revolver.  It appears to be Turnbull Case Hardened and the bluing is amazing deep dark black.  Clearly not a standard finish.  I know this is a parts gun as it does not have the conical firing pin.  It has two serial numbers on it, one matching the original SJH pistol that is in the National Firearms Museum, and the second Serial # is NFM040.  Does anyone have any information to how many of these were made and if there is much collector value?  I do not have the box with the gun so thinking of using it as a shooter.

Capt. John Fitzgerald:
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To be perfectly honest with you,this is the first I have ever heard of the San Juan Hill model USFA so I would assume that you are correct in stating that very few of them were made.  As for the 1998 production year, that would make it an all Uberti parts gun.  As to collector value, I will leave that to others more knowledgeable than I.

This is the only information I have been able to find about this reproduction.

Buckaroo Lou:
Does this revolver have a USFA roll marking on the barrel? If so could you provide a photo of the barrel roll markings?

I am like Capt. John, I have never heard of this revolver and it is not listed in Blue Book of Gun Values under USFA.

I don’t know how many of the Rough Rider guns were built but as the serial number suggests there were at least 40 (Uberti) sold through Cherrys.  At the 2005 (maybe 2006) Shot Show we had a Rough Rider gun on display.  All US parts, mis-matched serial numbers and “antiqued” the way it was orginally done.  The parts were rusted and then rusting process stopped.  The guns had a light freckling and looked old.  The problem was if the rusting process wasn’t totally stopped, rusting would continue after the gun was boxed and shipped.  A few got out and were totally rusted/pitted upon arrival at the dealer.  The process was eventually changed to a wire wheel, steel wool and oil. 



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