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My '66 A Mystery No More

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FloraBama Kid:
Thank you Marauder..

On July 4th I shot my '66 Yellowboy that I purchased new back in January. Not only is it a beauty she shoots like a dream.

I have been a little relucant to take the side plates off not knowing if I would be able to "get it back together."

I studied the directions on Marauder's web site and finally got the nerv to open it up today. After learning how to keep those two springs out of the way, I had no problem taking it down and putting it all back together--AND the action still works..

P.S. I did bugger up the lever screw head! :-[

Jax Orebetter:
Don't ya just love those soft screw heads?  ::)

Silver Creek Slim:
Ain't it fun taking guns apart, putting them back together, and they actually work.  ;D



--- Quote ---Don't ya just love those soft screw heads?
--- End quote ---
What I really like is Luigi the Italian gorilla that tightens them. I don't know what they use at the factory, but have had several new guns that it felt like an impact was used to install the screws.

FloraBama Kid:
I was expecting trouble getting these out but they were actually pretty smooth coming out. Problem was, when I put them back in I didn't stop when I should have...that's when I buggered the head of the lever screw.

It shoot just as good anyway. ;D



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