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 :)  Sorry Capt. John   ;)

The Omni's were in fact based on Bisley frames.  The weird Back Strap ant Trigger guard were made to mime the 1878 Colt . . sort of.  The early Omni had a Bisley style hammer and were Poo Poo'd by SASS.  The Later Omni was revamped with a more "SAA" pattern hammer and were OK'd by SASS. 

I special ordered a pair, 38 Spl.  Super well made guns.  I could not find a way to draw and shoot them Gunfighter.  That Weird Grip Set just didn't work.  Sold them on.  Probably should have hung on to 'em.  Hind Sight.

Stay Safe out There
Oh, and I have no idea if they were Uberti sourced or USA sourced.  Wish I could have found a way to shoot 'em.


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