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Dave T:

--- Quote from: Pettifogger on February 05, 2021, 05:22:55 PM ---And what few SAAs Colt has made since 2018 they have had a problem with frames cracking.  Sad to say but the SAAs frames and most other parts are outsourced.  Crap they might as well be USFAs.

--- End quote ---

Colt can only wish their SAAs were the quality of the late production USFAs. I haven't personally handled or examined a Standard Mfg gun but the all US sourced USFA guns I own are built as well if not better than 1st Generation Colts.


Because I made a Youtube video about my early Standard (serial #54), which was also one of the first Youtube videos about the Standard SA, quite a few folks who were inspired by said video into purchasing their own have reached out to me.  With one exception, all have been very pleased with theirs and said that the quality was on par with what I demonstrated in my video.  The one exception, which he backed up with pictures, showed very lousy checkering on the hammer.  He communicated his displeasure to Standard, and they made it right.  I also had another fella who told me that Standard had stopped making the hammer cam as a separate part and was just machining it into the hammer.  That is a minor disappointment, but it is the same way even USFA did theirs.  However, they have corrected the early problem with the firing pins, and new ones no longer show any  post-production re-working of the firing pins.  Perhaps they completely revamped how they made their hammers, and this included not making a separate hammer cam. Who knows? 

Anyway, if I had the cash, I'd order another one in a heartbeat. 


 :)  Odie Numba Three   ;)

Great to hear from ya!!  Thought there you had gone to Alaska Salmon Fishing and wound up onna Crab Boat   :D 

Thanks to your tutelage, I am and will continue to be your loudest and most consistent supporter and champion of Annealing.  Almost like being an Athletic Supporter   ::)

Been Keeping Yourself Well I Hope!!

Stay Safe out There

The only thing I do not like about the Standard is trivial and petty but it is enough to turn me off of them.  The name.  Who the heck wants to pay $1,900.00 for a STANDARD revolver.  Sounds like the name on some of the old $1.50 revolvers they sold in hardware stores all over the county at the turn of the 20th Century.  Whoever does their marketing should have held a contest to come up with a more appealing name.

It appears the new Colt's with bad frames were in a certain range, S85127A-S85399A. About 250 guns. There was/is a recall. Here is a thread about it. I didn't read the thread and I don't know if those numbers are correct. I'm just posting a link to help others do their own research.
FWIW I think the new Colt SAA's are looking really good. Not over-polished, nice well defined flutes, good fit with the hammer and backstrap. Some of the case colors are strange and some are really good.




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