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Good grief!  The point I was making is that the methods of manufacture used by the Italians are much less expensive than what Standard does.  If I implied that ALL Uberti parts were cast, that was unintentional.  Where strength counts (like the frame), they used a good forging.  Where it doesn't so much (like the gripframe and other small parts), they use castings and MIM--because it is cheaper than milling from barstock.  Where a color casehardened finish is desired, they substitute the cyanide salt bath method, again because it is much less expensive and time-consuming than the bone/charcoal color casehardening that Standard and Colt use. 

$550 or $2000?  We noticed.

Less expensive doesn't always mean less.  Although you certainly implied otherwise.

Rolex and Casio is another comparison.   If you have both it is obvious which one keeps the best time.

Sometimes I just don't get you.  Your collection of fine, engraved, and otherwise embellished single actions are the envy of many on this and other forums, but it seems to contradict what you have established as the pinnacle of modern single actions--the high-performing low-cost Italian clones.   

I have any number of nice guns.  And a good many not so nice guns.  But I also know how to tear them all apart and make them better or at least recognize the junk.  Engraving or a fine finish might embellish a fine firearm.  Or it might just be lip stick on a pig.  The finish work or a final finish doesn't mean you have a great gun.

I also know where to get the most out of the dollars I spend.   Just because some internet warrior or worse yet some ass bite gun writer says it's the best (bought at discount or simply given to them) doesn't impress me.

You got called on your original comment by Pettifogger.  But he wasn't the only one to notice.

Not that it matters  but I do like "pretty" firearms.  But the only thing that really matters to me bout a gun is how they shoot, how they function, how they were built is a distant 3rd if the first tow are stellar. 

When Rolex was the only tool watch available and you really needed to know the time....you owned a Rolex.  When better watches that were every bit as reliable and even more accurate than a Rolex the same people who really needed to know the time dumped their Rolex in short order.  They simply priced them self out of the "tool" market. 

Rolex is still a nice watch.  In the same vein Colt is still a "nice" hand gun.  But neither is still a simple tool.  And we expect a lot more from a tool these days than either brand offers.

You've owned them, shot them and torn them apart.  No clue if you are capable of fixing any of them but no matter.  By you comments you have already decided on what the "best is" and what the "worst is".   

Helps to actually understand the metallurgy you were so willing to discuss prior.  And we can agree to disagree.


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