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Another Fellow's Rodeos up for sale

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Professor Marvel:
Another Fellow over on The Other Board has his pair of Rodeos up for sale for ...


Now, I am not trying to rain on his parade or anything, just trying to educate myself on "normal wear and price points"

does this seem like "ok wear for price" to other people?
click to get to his pic, then click again to enlarge.


I am withholding my comments whilst I request other folks thoughts

prof marvel

Dave T:
That's $1250 each. Not bad if they're US sourced parts guns. But then that's a lot of holster wear and I've never liked jeweled hammers (or other parts). I'd have to pass and wish him good luck.


Professor Marvel:
Greetings Dave -

Yup I thought the holster wear a tad "more than normal" but worse is the nicks on the trigger guard
and the boogured up screw heads, the scrapes on the cylinder pin latch....
and the drag line on the cylinder is pretty awful!

prof marvel

MB Fields:
Most of the Rodeos were done by Jim Finch, Longhunter Shooting Supply. Generally the jeweled hammer is kind of his mark. They also will be super smooth. I have a pair of his rodeos that look like the picture bought from another cowboy. The bluing wear is not that abnormal for a shooter. And the price is right in the neighborhood of what they are worth/bringing.


 >:(  Plus One to Some of The Above   :(

Agreed, the price is i line with what some Rodeo examples are bringing.  They are Long Hunter Shooting Supply tuned guns (a plus).  However:

I choke at the monies ask'd and spent for USFA examples.  When USFA went Tango Uniform, the USFAistas and collectors went Bat Crap Crazy.  What were originally some overpriced at $600 bucks, are now being offered for twice that and more.  Dumb (My Opine)

The gun pictured for this thread has some really nice stocks.  Reasonable holster wear.  Nasty turn line on the cylinder (no excuse for that) and is of a butt ugly mat finish.

Bottom line.  Over Priced by TWO.  One could/would do better to source a nice shiny new Pietta GW II.  Even get a warranty in the process.

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