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I need some opinions - looking for a shot gun

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Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
I agree that CAS and trap guns are not the same and for very good reasons.

If you are getting your first gun, and don't plan on a locker full, get a middle of the road field gun. It will give reasonable service on a trap, skeet or 5-stand range. 

AND FOR CAS! I have never felt handicapped at a cas match with a field gun properly handled.

As for choice of guns, and if cas is in the cards, you must have a side by side without ejectors. You will be ready for anything, including home defense.


Dan Gerous:
I'm still in the market for a good field-grade shotgun (side-by-side). My current scattergun is a 1956 J.C. Higgins bolt action. It was a Christmas present to Dad from Mom and I when I was 3 years old. Dad never hunted much, but during pheasant season, we'd have a bunch of people come out to the farm and Dad would take down the ol' 16 gauge and join them. (He always managed to get a bird or two) Now, I make sure to take "Dad" out every year for a walk in the field. We'll still go out together but, I'd like to get a nice double for my self. Any and all opinions, recommendations, or complaints will be given their proper attention. Everyone has an opinion and I'd like to hear as many as I can.

Major 2:
I havn't use a Shotgun in CAS in 8-9 years,,, (Shooting NCOWS 2 gun)

In fact just sold my TTn  :D  ( great for CAS BTW ),  Now ! if I had to get another scatter gun ( I don't) I know where a nice Field Grade LL Smith is at reasonable money. 

Dan Gerous, In the original post, you mentioned you were looking for a gun primarily to be used for Hunting/Trap. No mention was made of CAS, so here's my two cents.  Years ago, I purchased a Remington 1100 TA trap.  That gun was used for trap, Pheasant Hunting, Deer hunting and Turkey hunting.  It has taken each of those game animals.  There is no gun more versatile with the ability to switch barrels by simply unscrewing the magazine cap, removing the fore end and pulling the barrel out.  The 870 and the 11-87 were just as versatile.  Before you mention the current state of Remington, I'd recommend finding a used gun anyway.  Barrels are readily available from a variety of manufacturers.


Tascosa Joe:
I am a huge fan of the L.C. Smith shotguns, but they can get pricy.  Post WWII guns are good serviceable guns and are not as expensive as the pre WWII.  You can tell the post WWII guns as the serial numbers are FWSxxxxxx.  CZ also makes a good solid side x side, and most come with interchangeable chokes.



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