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I need some opinions - looking for a shot gun

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Capt Quirk:
I can't recommend a shotgun, but I have plenty more cats than I need. How many new guns you want?


 :)  Nope.  Not Me   ;)

Gave up Cats several Lustrum ago.  They became a nuisance.  Not to mention allergies (Geshundheit).  Nope, skipped Cats.  Dogs.  Switched to Dogs.  Specifically Standard Poodle type dogs.  You know, the big ones with fluffy tails.  Black Standard Poodles.  Smart.  Too Smart.  However my sweetheart needs a Service Dog and Poodles are really smart.  Yepper.  No Cats.

The Stoeger on the other hand is actually a really good choice.  They (Stoeger) will take a licking and keep on ticking.  Easy to work on.  I admit to being a Shotgun Snob.  I have a preference for Higher End Shotguns.  Shotguns with Exposed Hammers.  Things like that.  All of my current shotguns are Hammer Doubles.  I even found a really swell English Bespoke Hammer Double.  Incredible Damascus barrels.  The Gun was started in 1894 or so, then set aside and finally finished in 2007.  Really gorgeous Double.  For the paltry sum of only 28,000 USD.  I wasn't quick enough with my Czech.  Someone else got it (thankfully).  Had I actually sent the Czech, I'd now be single, living under a Bridge and seeking a really big cardboard box.  Nah.  The Stoeger is a swell choice.  Very serviceable field guns to be sure.

On the other hand . . . . . . . .


Dan Gerous:
As a kid, I never had "indoor" pets. When I married my wife, she had two cats and a dog. Since then, we've had cats, dogs, fish and rabbits. At one time we had two Angora rabbits and she was spinning the wool from them. I grumble and gripe, but they've all been rescue animals. She's good about rescuing strays and cast-offs. Maybe that's why she married me! When it comes right down to it, I'm a sucker for these "orphans" too. Heck, if I can get my gun-hating wife to suggest I need another firearm I'll adopt a grizzly bear!!


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