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Consecutive SN Rodeo’s NIB

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Charlie Drage:
Watched them being put in the showcase at Cabelas several days ago. Walked away! Didn’t even touch them.....my Uberti Model P’s wouldn't appreciate some “other” guns being near them. Right? LOL

Couldn’t stop thinking about them....did a little  research! Had to go back and see! Uberti....USA? What did they “feel” like?  All the goodies with them? Could they be had cheaper than tagged? Did a “Little Old Man” buy them and never shoot them....and did his wife make him get them out of the house? All questions that needed to be answered....right?

Serial numbers start with a “G”..... so far so good...seems like these are “USA”
They feel “So Good” in my hand.....hands! A few Rugers there for comparison!
Yes....buying both would sure enough get a break on price!
Unfired.....all the goodies in boxes!
“Little Old Man” story? No but.....heck...at this point back story on unfired, in original box guns doesn’t matter! It starts here.....the story of the Rodeo’s that gave my Model P’s a fit!


Sell the Uberti's buy the USFA! You wont regret it!

Dave T:
You've chosen well. They are as good or better than the 1st Gen Colt SAA when it comes to fit and function...and you can shoot them, not just admire them in the case or your safe.



As a Retired Gunplumber, I don't get excited by consecutive numbers.  Although consecutive numbers are cool.

The Rodeo is the bargain basement of USFA.  However, internally, the Rodeo is EXACTLY the same as the high end USFA guns.  They were in fact, better made than more recent Colt offerings.  they will still need work to be "user friendly" for CAS though.

A "good catch" at the right price fer sure.

I have a few "K" series Rodeos.  I believe (pretty sure) they were the last of the Rodeo production.  Mine are nice guns. 



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