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So I was trying to dig around on the web for more info on my Red River D edition revolver and I found out they also made a John Wayne Centennial edition that was WAY more money. I believe $5k each or $9k for a matched pair. Does anyone own one or two of these beauties or seen one in person? They claimed only 50 were to be made but I'm curious if they actually made all 50.



Capt. John Fitzgerald:
It would be almost impossible, at this stage of the game, to determine exactly how many JW revolvers were actually produced.  USFA, throughout their relatively short life, offered several "limited edition" guns.  To the best of my knowledge they never succeeded in reaching any of those limit numbers so you can rest assured that, in all probability, they didn't fill those JW limits either.
No doubt in my mind that, had there been a run on any limited edition, USFA would have adhered to their stated limit.  Unfortunately USFA's bookkeeping seemed to leave something to be desired.  You could never get a definitive answer out of them when inquiring about a specific gun that you might own.  As an example; I own a USFA (not USPFA - there were, apparently, examples of both) .38 cal. Richards-Mason, 1851 Navy revolver conversion.  An Italian gun with USFA markings.  How many were made?  I received two answers from USFA. (1) Less than than 50, and (2)  probably no more than 36.  Bottom line, they could not, or would not, tell me exactly how many were actually sold.  Frustrating!
Now that USFA is long gone, so are those manufacturing records.  As to how many JW guns were made, your guess is as good as anyone's.
Take Care,

Buckaroo Lou:
Wow, I really like the looks of the CC one and the all Nickle one isn't bad either. Both are way out of my league. 

The number of JW Centennial guns were limited by Wayne Enterprises to 100.  There were to be 50 sets which included one color case and one nickel.  Serial numbers were JW1 and 1JW, JW2 and 2JW etc.  As you might expect, some didn’t want one of each.  Some buyers opted for two in the same finish or some just wanted one.  Single guns started at JW51.   Engraving was by the Adams family.

Buckaroo Lou:

Thank you for your input. As always the information you share gives us another piece of the USFA history puzzle we desire to know.



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