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Buckaroo Lou:
Yep, it is a Rodeo. They are nice revolvers especially the all USA ones. Great length and caliber. I sometimes see original USFA grips on GB or some of the other auction sites, GunsAmerica, GunsInternational, etc. You can also check ebay. Just try doing an internet search for original USFA grips. That might come up with something.

Here are some from a 2 day old add. One set is sold, not sure if the other set is. Not the black set but the yellowish (aged ivory) set. Might look good on that Rodeo.


It is a E serial number and July 2007 boxed date.   Likely shipped shortly after being boxed.

dollar bill:
I have a few Rodeo's with Sac Pedesrson stag grips.  Fit is excellent and the guns look great.

Dave T:

Be advised, not all factory stocks (grips to most folks) are created equal. I have several USFA's and the checkered hard plastic stocks that come on the guns are not universally interchangeable. I've been told it's because these guns were hand assembled and hand fitted. Slight variations in back straps and trigger guards mean not every plastic stock will fit every gun. This is particularly true of the USFAs made from Uberti parts. Their stocks will not fit the all US sourced guns at all.



I'd like the opportunity to chime in on Dave T.  Not only are USFA stocks not all created equal, nobodies handgun stocks are.  USFA, Colt, Uberti, Pietta - et ALL, fit the stocks to each gun individually when the gun is in the White with final finishing of the metal parts after the stocks are complete.

The Exception is Ruger.  Ruger stocks are turned out cookie cutter and just stuck on.

Stay Safe



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