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gunsmith or break in??

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This is an opinion question more than anything else...
In your opinion would it be better to shoot a few thousand rounds
through a new gun with a rough action  and see if it slicks up,
or just immediately have it worked on?

Doc Shapiro:
Send it right in.  If the gun is rough inside (burrs, etc.) then shooting it will cause damage.  It will not smooth up on it's own.  All that happens is that you wear the gun out prematurly.

It'll start to feel smoother after a while, cause the burrs and machine marks are causing the parts to wear quickly.  But it isn't really getting smooth.  That takes polishing and stoning of parts.


Standpat Steve:
Howdy Big Chuck000,

First, you should take the new gun to the range, prepared to shoot a box of 50 rounds through it. You do this to see if it is working correctly. If not, the question is: should it go (unaltered) directly back to the manufacturer for warranty work? Or, now knowing what seems wrong with it, would you be willing to pay the gunsmith of your choice to have the problem fixed-while he tunes & slicks it up to your liking.

I think of shooting the new gun 1000 times to slick up the mismated and rough parts as kind of being like throwing a handfull of sand into the gas tank of your new car to help it break in faster.  ::)

Paper Chaser:
I gotta agree with Standpat AND Doc.  Shoot it a LITTLE just to check POA, etc. Then send it to be 'slicked' if you like the way it feels in your hand.  Good luck.

Big Hext Finnigan:

There is a big difference between rough and stiff.  If the gun is really rough, then it needs some TLC, but just stiff.. I shoot'em.  Maybe change out the springs.




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