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I see this Cowboy for sale on GB. I check the pictures and it's a Rodeo with a Rodeo SN. L188. Should I tell him it's not a Cowboy? My wife always tells me to not say anything. I check all the pictures and there's the end label: Cowboy Convertible!! But it's a Cowboy??!!
What gives?


Cholla Hill Tirador:
 Well....the end of the box says "Cowboy Convertible". Honestly I'd never head of this model.


I don't think this was common AT ALL!  And perhaps the "Cowboy" moniker was just so there would be some alliteration in the name.  "Cowboy Convertible" just rolls off the tongue better than "Rodeo Convertible".  That's actually a really neat revolver.  "L" prefix is a fairly late production, all USA-made piece. I wish I could bid on that one.

I would think that is a mislabeled Rodeo, mislabeled by the factory. Just like if you ordered a Single Action Army .45 from Colt and they sent you a Single Action Army .45 Colt but the box said Frontier Six Shooter. I could be wrong though, maybe USFA called convertible Rodeo's Cowboy Convertibles and the Cowboy in Cowboy Convertible has nothing to do with the regular Cowboy model.

Interesting label.  The USFA Cowboy was a full dome blue single action with brown grips.  The Cowboy Convertible was a 38Sp Cowboy with an extra 9mm cylinder.  The serial numbers for all Cowboys started with CB5xx.  With the "L" serial number, it's more in the Rodeo camp than the Cowboy camp.  Obviously a bad label from the factory.   I wouldn't expect it would have an impact on the selling price. 



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