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Got a NIB USFA...What About Spare Parts?

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Cholla Hill Tirador:
 Last week I picked up a NIB USFA Rodeo, serial number prefix "G", made in 2003. I mean NIB as in all the literature, the bag, the box and the cardboard sleeve the box was in. I am hopelessly in love and have already put almost 300 rounds through her. She seems to love me too as she easily directs bullets to my (small for handgun shooting) 50 yd. steel targets.


 So, since I'm well on my way to having fired several hundred, maybe even over 1000 rounds of non-CAS handloads through her by years end, I was wondering if spare parts are available anywhere? The only part that I think might difficult to come by or duplicate would be the bolt.
 Thanks for any help.


Unfortunately, I'm not much help here.  I know VTI Gunparts doesn't have any USFA parts.  I don't know if anyone previously employed by USFA managed to squirrel away any parts as USFA went under.  There is the possibility you may be able to substitute a Uberti Bolt, however I haven't had any Uberti or USFA cartridge guns apart side by side for over 6 years and I don't remember.

If it's any consolation, if the gun is properly set up, you should be able to shoot it indefinitely regardless of load.  The only real weak link is the Hand Spring and that is easily remedied.  While the breaking of a bolt leg happens, it isn't all that common.


Cholla Hill Tirador:
  I delved around inside another USFA I once owned and the Wolff bolt/trigger springs for Colts and Uberti's wotk fine as do their mainsprings. I haven't measured the bolt yet but it appears to be a bit thicker than those found in Colts and Uberti's.


Capt. John Fitzgerald:
I think you will find that most Uberti parts will fit your USFA without much difficulty.  
USFA started out as an importer of Uberti guns that they fit & finished here at their Hartford facility.  When USFA went to "all US made" guns they replicated the Uberti parts in order to keep the parts of their "US" guns compatible with their earlier "import" models.
Don't worry too much about the bolt. As long as you are not abusing the gun, that bolt will last longer than you will. :)

I bought a good supply of USA made USFA parts when I could.  All USA made parts from barrels, cylinders (I only have 45s and 38s now), grips, hammers, triggers, bolts, hands and even a back strap and trigger guard or two.  Still have some socks, paper work and of course reproduction cardboard sleeves that at a perfect match for the originals.  If you need something in particular, jus email me.



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