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Could any one tell me the type of resin/plastic the faux Ivory grips are made out of?  I am a laser engraver and have been lasering on some grip, but considering makeing my own with designs and my supplier of resin/plastic didn't know.  My supplier did think it was probably a Shore D hardness of 70 type.
KAtie Jean

St. George:
There are several compositions that produce the man-made Ivory - a couple even have actual Ivory dust as a part of their makeup.
Linen Micarta is also used, but not as much.
I do know, though, that laser engraving will "burn" its pattern - leaving the lines a dark brown - similar to actual aging, yet not as dramatic as inking them would be.
A pleasing effect.

I'd ask a couple of the manufacturers - Eagle, Ajax, Tru-Ivory - and see what they say.

Good Luck,

Scouts Out!

Curley Cole:
I get my grips from Boone Traders in Washington. They specialize in REAL ivory, and other items for scrimshaw. They sell a poly-ivory that is the best for scrim, carving etc. it contains a good amount of ivory powder to give it the feel and aging of ivory. their grips sell for about $25.00. give 'em a looksee at


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