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The Border Wars

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Oh you will find quite a following of Partisan Rangers within the Missouri CW re enactors Assn. One group in particular
that I am familiar with is Elliots Scouts of which Bob Green is in Command of. I will have to look up his eaddress if
your interested. The MCWRA has a complete list of its member re-enactors. Got to get to work, I will catch up later
this evening. This should give you something to google up in the mean time.

Caleb Hobbs:
I guess ultimately what I'd like to see are different types of shoots to appeal to the different interests of the 1840-1865 time frame. What I've envisioned is an annual encampment and shoot where we can have a border ruffian contingent, buafflo hunters, settlers, Texas Rangers, Dragoons, Cracker cow hunters, etc. Assuming we can find the right location, it wouldn't be difficult to set up a revolver shoot for partisans fighters, a long-range (150 or so yards) buffalo shoot, maybe a woods walk for settlers with their shotguns. This is all a long way down the trail, of course, but if we keep our eyes on the horizon we can get there. We've just got to make sure we have fun along the way, because with jobs, family, and other commitments, this is going to take awhile.

Prince of the Pistoleers was it.  Thanks!


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