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RV Cut-Down Grip Frames

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Big Hext Finnigan:
Remember some animals are more equal than others.

If it's not noticeable, then it won't get called often.. but if someone made a stink about it, I think he'd be gone, or at least his gun would be.. Adios,

   ya might try useing a belt sander on the flat side of the grips to make the thinner which would give ya a smaller grip circumferce. i used a file and sand paper to take off the flare on the bottm of the gip and it helped .  its just a idea , try it if ya want.
  yourn truly

Will Ketchum:
As for being SASS illegal because of the "external" modification" rule.  My feeling has always been that if you are making it more like an original  Colt there shouldn't be a problem ::).  I ran into the same thing about 10 years ago with my Vaquero's cylinder pins.  They are so long that you don't get the full stroke on the ejector rod that you do with a Colt.  Which means the spent case is more likely to hang in the cylinder.  I did the obvious thing and shortened the pins.  When I posted this on the old cas-l list I was jumped on about the external modification thing.  Even Judge Roy Bean said it wasn't SASS legal in the "Cowboy Chronicle"  I argued it wasn't logical that making a gun more like an original was illegal.  They eventually came around to my way of thinking on the cylinder pins :D  But recently when I posted on the Wire that I was having a dovetail milled in the receiver of my Henry so I could mount a full buckhorn again I was taken to task and again I said that the early Henrys all had their sights on the receivers and if SASS didn't like it that was too bad :-*  ( as it turned out I my old eyes didn't like that sight so close to them so I moved it back but it's still more like the early Henrys,many of which had dove tails in both locations)  8)

If I understand what some of you wrote it's okay to put one of the Power's Colt sized grip frames on but not to modify a Ruger....well that just doesn't make sense since you end up with the same result ???

Will Ketchum

FloraBama Kid:
Will I completely agree with you. After all, making the Ruger grips more like a Colt is not creating a competitve edge.

For now, my cure for the problem is that I'm looking for some Colt clones. :)

Trooper Steve:
Try the Eagle Gunfighter grips beore you pop for the new grip frames. Really makes a diffrence in size and only about 25% of the price.



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