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Marlin Reduced Power Mainspring?


OldeBones 30-30:
I'm curious as to the benifits AND negatives of installing a reduced power mainspring.  I'm worried about ignition problems, but I'd really like a smooth flow to the action.  I know there's a break in time to firearms, but a stiff spring is still a stiff spring.  Thanks for the help.


Standpat Steve:

I have purchased reduced power Marlin mainsprings and installed them in all my Marlins. "Magic Springs by Seven" are the ones I use. He makes them different strengths for different calibers-.22rf, 38/357, & 44/45. I reload all my own CAS ammo using Winchester primers and have never had any misfires due to the lightened springs. I used to buy them mail order directly from Seven, but I see now they are offered by Brownells. If you go to <> the 38/357 part number is:100-000-556 and the 44/45 part number is: 100-000-557 and you can read all about them.

I used to make my own, I've tried them all and personally prefer the Wolf mainspring, never had any trouble with ingition, but I smooth out all the burrs first ;D
See ya,
ML Roak

Dusty Chaps:
I'll "second" the use of Seven's springs.  They've proven to be just great.

Four-Eyed Buck:
I've got Magics and the Wolffs, both work well. al mine have been "worked" on as well. smoooth as silk. No problems with ignition on CCI's, Wins., or Federals. the Magics come with spacers that you can use if needed. either one makes quite a difference in effort.....Buck 8) ;D ;D



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