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The Barracks / Show of Shows February 2024
« Last post by DEL56 on Today at 05:52:56 AM »
I'm not sure if many of you have heard about the Show of Shows or not. ( Website ) It is a military memorabilia show sponsored by the Ohio Valley Military Society. The show is from Thursday through Sunday and is normally the third week in February. There are over 2,000 tables of vendors selling all kinds of military things. There is also a huge Gun Show in an adjacent building that is about as large at the same time. Makes for a wonderful couple  of days. I was able to purchase some items for my uniforms that I can't find very easily at this show. You never know who you may run into while you're roaming around looking at items. Keep your heads up and look around from time to time. Last year I met up with Othias and Mae from C&Rsenal and had a great time chatting with them.
Spencer Shooting Society / Re: Good hand tools
« Last post by cloakedoink on Today at 01:31:50 AM »
Thank you for your very helpful advice. I contacted him.
Spencer Shooting Society / Re: Spencer reloading question
« Last post by dossierleap on Today at 01:25:58 AM »
By adding a layer of powder on top of the powder layer before inserting the bullet, you can load the 40-65 with a black that has been compressed significantly. The compression die should be adjusted such that the bullet makes contact with the liner of the Montana Precision compression die. Variations in the brand and kind of granules may occur in the amount of compaction.
A Victorian English Immigrant Metal Steamer Trunk.
Circa 1890's-1901, they traveled the World. I've seen them on eBay offered in England and Australia. 

One of my Carpenter crew's daughter worked at a Disney gift shop.
This trunk was some kind of display prop piece, I think they had Disney Toy Story stuffed characters on it.
Anyway, we were revamping the entire store, and this was about to be thrown away  :o

 I asked for and saved it  :) obviously they did not know what it was.

The latch was broken, and key was missing, but I was able to repair it
 The trunk got some TLC, I think it's very cool old trunk.

The Longbranch / Re: gunoholic
« Last post by Major 2 on Yesterday at 10:35:42 PM »
You win, you put the " -aholic " in gun acquisition this month  ;D

Nice score...
Frontier Iron / Re: Merwin Hulbert 3rd model loading gate
« Last post by Abilene on Yesterday at 10:29:35 PM »
I have a third model, large frame, double action Merwin Hulbert. It is missing the loading gate. I also have a second model, large frame, single action Merwin Hulbert. They are both in 44-40. I can use the loading gate shape on the single action as a guide to make one for the double action. However, there was a change in how they were attached. Does anyone have a third model that they are willing to take part and show me the back  side of the loading gate so that I can replicate the attachment method that was used at the factory? The second model has a detent ball and a trigger screw that holds in the loading gate. Neither of those are possibilities on the third model.
It's been a month since you've been here so I'm quoting you to hopefully get your attention to some replies. 

And as to Chicoine's book, the expanded 2nd edition that I have only covers the single action M-H.  Good luck.
Frontier Iron / Re: Merwin Hulbert 3rd model loading gate
« Last post by DJ on Yesterday at 09:17:19 PM »
Sorry I can't help you as much as I'd like.

Here are some photos of the relevant parts of a 3d model double action (skull crusher).  The gate is externally similar to the single action gates, but the backside is different.  You'll also see the additional tiny screw above the thumb screw.  Unfortunately, the head of my tiny screw has split in half, so I am currently unable to remove it.

From what I can see, on the double action, the thumb screw threads into a small flat spring located in a groove on the underside of the loading gate.  That spring applies pressure to the frame to retard the gate movement.  The small screw extends through the gate at the opposite end of the flat spring and protrudes into the groove in the frame.  It doesn't seem to touch the end of the flat spring or bottom out in the groove, but in a quick look I can't see what it does.

I know this won't give you all you need, but perhaps it will help at least a little.

The Longbranch / Re: gunoholic
« Last post by DeaconKC on Yesterday at 09:09:39 PM »
Well if'n Abilene's gonna pick on me, I'll just post this Sig 220 I traded for today. Needs a new front night sight, but looking forward to having this one in the herd.
Tall Tales / Re: February,29 Mondays of Cawfee,Tea and vittles
« Last post by Major E A Sterner on Yesterday at 05:40:54 PM »
Del,I had the wrong year written on my list...Either that or I ussed "New Math" ;D ;D
Frontier Iron / Re: Merwin Hulbert 3rd model loading gate
« Last post by St. George on Yesterday at 05:12:46 PM »
Most guys aren't all that interested in disassembling their revolvers for fear of losing/breaking parts, and spare parts reside in other folks' guns, who are quite proud of them.

If you're still looking for an answer for this question - look at 'Gunsmithing the Guns of the Old West' by Dave Chicoine.

Scouts Out!
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