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practicing gunfighters


I am researching a paper; does anyone know of any resources that document a "gunfighter" practicing?  I once read somewhere that Doc Holiday could be heard fast drawing and dryfiring in his hotel room.  Can anyone point me to any written material on this subject? (It does not have to be Doc; any famous gunman will do.)

Tres Equis:
It has been alleged that WIld Bill used to practice for an hour every morning.  There was a scene of this in one of the History Channel's Tales of the Gun programs.

Donno where to look this up.  Have you done Google searches using various keywords?

Search for Joseph Rosa, he wrote three books on Hickok as well as Age of the Gunfighter, and other titles about the Old West. He makes a reference to Hickok practising in one of the books and cites the source, which if I remember right was from the memors of an old Abilene resident.

Hardin, in his autobiography cites practising with his six-shooter, and in a fight in Kansas with some Mexican herders he say he had worn out his revolver practising and had to hold the cylinder with his off hand to shoot.



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