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How many of you build your own shirts?

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Tommy tornado:
Been thinking about trying to learn to use my mother-in-law's sewing machine.  Wondering how difficult or easy it is to make cowboy shirts.  Recently bought a two shirt patterns off ebay, and was wondering if there are any major pitfalls.  One pattern is a three button one pocket shirt and the other is a bid front shirt.  Also looked at but did not buy a Folkswear (might have the company name right) Missouri Riverboat shirt.  Thanks in advance for any advice, tips, and replies.

Silver Creek Slim:
What pattern is it (Simplicity, McCall's, etc.)? Any other distinguishing traits? Some of us have done this, particularly Delmonico.


They are not hard to make, if you can make things out of wood or steel, you can make them out of cloth.  I would first get some scraps and learn to run the machine, practice with it till you can make it work for you, that will save a lot of flustration.

Second see if someone like your mother-in-law can help you through the first one.  My wife helped me through my first one and I've made maybe 2 dozen since then.  I'd have made more, but I got off on quilts, I only make one now and then when I want something I can't buy and get tired of quilts.

Hollor if we can help.


Tommy tornado:
The pattern I bought was made by Simplicity.  It is their casual Civil War shirt pattern.  The other one I am looking at buying is the Missouri River boat shirt from Folkwear (i think).  Currently I do make my own leather gear, so hand sewing I am not worried about.  Never used a sewing machine before.  Curious as to about how long it took you to sew a typical 1800's pattern shirt?  Also are there any particular pieces that have given experienced shirt makers trouble?  Button-holes, collar (if needed), etc.  I was planning on machine stitching my first and hand-sewing button holes.  Still searching for a good picture of a properly stitched button hole.

You'll do fine then jump right in.  I'm headed home from work in a few minutes but I'll see if I can do a post on how to make one.  I ain't figured out how to use the digital camera yet and not sure how to post one but I'll see what I can do in the next few days.


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