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Uberti replacement hammer problems.

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John Spartan:
Own two Cimarron Model P's (retractable firing pin) with a third on the way after a long back order.
Based on discussions here I decided to order three sets of the "old style" (non-retractable firing pins) Uberti Cattlemen hammers and triggers - essentially to turn the "3 click" Model P into a "4 clicker" to see if I liked it better.

Problem: The fixed firing pin hammers do not line up perfectly with the firing pin hole in the frame when installed. Tried all three hammers. Two would not fit (line up) at all into the hole and the third did but was "bindy" with obvious drag and friction going through the hole.

What should be my next step to resolve this problem?

My understanding is that the distance from the pivot to the firing pin (hole) is adjusted in the Colt's factory by selecting a hammer of the correct height.  You can't move the hole in the recoil shield and you can't move the holes that hold the hammer pivot pin in the frame.  That means, I'm sorry to say, you'll have to find hammers with the correct dimensions.  The hole in the hammer, behind the firing pin, is used in the factory for inserting a rod through the hammer and recoil shield to determine if the hammer at hand is the correct height.  That is the first step in picking parts for assembly.  Sorry.

John Spartan:
Well thanks for the info but it seems difficult to imagine, with all the vendors selling hammers, that each one is a "custom fit to the gun" so to speak - or I'm having a run of bad luck.


Sounds like a run of bad luck. I have a pair of Uberti 38-40 revolvers that are the 3 click models. The firing pins were striking the primers off center. A gunsmith friend of mine made new firing pins and relocated the fp hole in the frame so they contact the primer in the center. Yesterday I replaced the hammer in on of them with a hammer from another Uberti revolver and the firing pin lined up perfectly with the newly located fp hole.
 Just asking did the original hammers fp hit the center of the primer? If not maybe that is the problem.

 :) John  ;)

Uberti doesn't use a hardened recoil plate in their guns.  It is possible to weld up the firing pin hole and relocate (a little costly).  So long as the OEM firing pin is center striking the primers, I would suggest just bushing the firing pin so it can't retract and just live with three clicks, always loading with an empty chamber under the hammer.

Bushing the firing pin may necessitate removing the actuating rod from the hammer.


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