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St. George:
Look over one of the reprint catalogs from 'Sears, Roebuck & Co' - your local library should have a couple.

You'll find pretty much everything available - including 'Gun Cleaning Oil' and 'Sperm Oil' and eventually '3-In-One Oil' and various nitro solvents - all available commercially, thus available to the military, but usually only on post - the first oiler wouldn't be issued until the Krag showed up.

Hot, soapy water followed by clean hot water were used and would continue to be used and then the piece was wiped with an oiled rag.

Scouts Out!

roger- thanks

Professor Marvel:

--- Quote from: Mogorilla on December 19, 2023, 07:48:38 AM ---have used listerine to treat wounds, and a distilled product like turpentine would be safer than something from a snake oil salesman.

--- End quote ---

Ah my dear Mogorilla, I must take mild umbrage with that…. I myself sell only the Finest Snake Oil, with explixit
Instruction to only oil snakes with it ….



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