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WINCHESTER-SPRINGFIELD-COLT, 150th Anniversary for Three Iconic American Guns


Happy 150th to  Colt's "Peacemaker" .45, Springfield Armory's 1873 .45-70 Trapdoor Rifle, and the 1873 Winchester .44-40. The best way to appreciate these old guns is to return them to the Superstition Wilderness in Arizona  where so many western legends originated.
Santee from The Arizona Ghostriders invited me along for an afternoon of shooting but this was no normal trip. Three iconic firearms from America's frontier past turn 150 years old in 2023 and he wanted to document this for an upcoming video. This is an important milestone we wouldn't miss for the world. The legendary 1873 Colt's Single Action Army Revolver, Springfield Rifle and Winchester Rifle all had a birthday to celebrate, and we did it in the best possible way in the wildest part of the Old West.
(See the video here)

(Here's the full article)https://www.frontieramericanillustratednews.com/post/winchester-springfield-colt-150th-anniversary-for-three-iconic-american-guns-1873-2023


Coal Creek Griff:
It was an excellent video and your article was well-written and informative too. Thanks!


Thanks Griff,  I appreciate the kind words.




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