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Virgil Lantey:
Finally got around to ordering some Obie Cue rubs and I can't wait to give 'em a try. They're one of the few that offer low or very low sodium spice blends and they are highly regarded in the BBQ world. Smoke on!!!!!!

What time is dinner?   ;D

Virgil Lantey:
Considering the heat wave we're enduring.....about midnight!  :D


Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Virg,

I usually make my own rubs. Over time I have dramatically reduced the amount of salt with little or no loss of flavor. I do find if I can have the rub on the meat for a long time a little more salt helps the flavors penetrate the meat, especially if it's a large cut like a brisket.

Rev. Chase

Virgil Lantey:
 Howdy, Reverend!

I used to make a lot of my own rubs but I guess I've gotten lazy in my old age! I've found that I don't miss the salt at all if I have enough spicy heat, and using a low sodium rub allows me to control exactly how much salt I apply. I looked back at some of my old bbq recipes and they were off the chart with salt. Of course, you can also control your sodium intake with portion control but who on God's green earth can only eat two ribs?!!! :D


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