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Snowshoes worn backwards...?!!

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Cap'n Redneck:

I'm puzzled by this painting:

Did some people actually wear their snowshoes backwards, or did the painter get his facts wrong?

I've grown up around skies and snowshoes, and it has never occurred to me to wear either backwards...

I think I saw it in a movie where someone was trying to throw off his pursuer.  That's the best I can do.  :) 

Coal Creek Griff:
They don't look backwards to me. That's a traditional design.  See this link:. https://www.canadianoutdoorequipment.com/traditional-ojibwe-snowshoes-gv.html?region_id=111555&currency=USD&sku=SS-GV-11x54&gclid=CjwKCAjww8mWBhABEiwAl6-2RSFTEnQCSugwrF2u3oW5GK-1ufTfwmC0ad606uqzo5RqqGiZAlDAIBoCxasQAvD_BwE


Cap'n Redneck:
Well, I stand corrected.
I've never seen the "Ojibwe-pattern" snowshoes before.

To me traditional or "Canadian" snowshoes have always been synonymous with what I now know to be the "Huron-pattern".


me, too  :)


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