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what knife is this

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does any one know what kind of knife this is in this photo

River City John:
Looks like a "Sheffield" -type bowie.

Tascosa Joe:
I concur.


St. George:
Indeed - those were widely available throughout the West.

Atlanta Cutlery offered new examples at one time - so did Dixie and Crazy Crow - they probably still do.

Scouts Out!

River City John:



On the above listing, check out the picture of the flyleaf/endpapers pages. They show typical types of bowies that were not so fancy.

Sheffield is a city and district in England known for metalwork, - silver, silver-plate, steel, etc.  There were many individual manufacturers within that area.
"You might have heard Sheffield being called the 'Steel City'. It gained an international reputation for steel production in the 19th century, and its population boomed during the Industrial Revolution. Innovations developed in Sheffield include stainless steel . . ." - courtesy Wikipedia


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