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AA Winchester Shells

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Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
I also found that STS shells (And other RP shells) slip out easier with the jerk-eject move. At least with the Baikal hammergun I used for years.

Cliff Fendley:

--- Quote from: Lucky R. K. on April 29, 2021, 08:57:55 AM ---
I also have found that both the AA'S and the STS hulls work just fine with black powder. Maybe it is just me but it seems the Remington's hold up a bit better.


--- End quote ---

AA hulls changed somewhere around 20 years ago and have never been as good since. There was big discussion with the trap shooters back then during the change.

Baltimore Ed:
The WW one piece hulls were much better than the thinner ones they use today. They are thicker as they go toward the brass base and resist wrinkling if you do the final crimp too hard. Hold up better to multiple reloadings too.


 :) The Fire  ;)

I have found my Brass Colour shotgun hulls hold up very well to multiple reloadings.  Especially with Black Powder and Subs.  Oh, WAIT!!  My Brass Colourd hulls are actually . . . . ALL BRASS.  No Wrinkling or Crinkling at all (unless some hamhock steps on 'em).  Oh Schucks . . . .

This contribution holds no real additional information for the OP at all.  Completely off the cuff.  Entirely immaterial.  Should one and all choose to ignore this missive I wouldn't be at a all insulted.  In fact, I'd probably ignore it myself.  If, However, your reading this part . . . IT'S TOO LATE!!  Your already HERE (Snicker snicker snort)

Stay Safe Out There One and All

Baltimore Ed:
Mr. Coffinmaker, don’t know, I might could wrinkle them. Snicker, snort. But seriously, do they work with that cursed smokeless stuff that doesn’t foul yer firearm and eat them up with sulfer or give away yer position to the enemy? Or stink up the range or make your eyes and throat burn or obscure the desperados that need to be shot?  Snicker, snort. They would look pretty cool to use with my assortment of trench guns.  In fact I’m going to shoot my M12 riot Saturday.



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