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 :)  Biltmore Edderd  ;)

Actually, I have found, before I became enlightened, that nasty fad heathen smokeless stuff fouls too.  And, It's harder to clean than BP or, especially Subs.  It doesn't give your position to the enemy, it provides an instant smoke screen to enable one to flank those basty nasterds (Snicker).  When them ignorant desperados pop up trying to see thrush smoke, just pick 'em right off (Snicker Snort).

Some Lustrum (several in fact) Us Gov. actually loaded and issued All Brass hulls for the trench guns.  Unfortunately, as they weren't intended for reloading, they (the Us Gov.) rolled the case mouth to facilitate function in their (Us Gov's) Trombone guns.  They fed slicker'n'snot too.  Just a shame they rolled the case mouth.  Makes em a real PITA to reload.

I understand there are those (not me) who have in fact worked up acceptable smokeless loads for the All Brass hulls.  Magtech says not recommended for smokeless.  I think that is because the current MagTech hulls are quite similar in construction to the old "Balloon Head" pistol cartridges and the pressure spikes are quite different.  Couple of guys who contribute here have indicated they load smokeless in their MagTech hulls.  Dunno ???

Play Safe Out There

PS:  A long time ago . . . In a Galaxy far far away . . . I was known to tote a Trench Gun into the bushes.  I was actually issued All Brass Buckshot ammunition from Dubbia Dubbia and Two.  Kinda went with the Korean Conflict "C" rats we were issued too.

PSS:  I really really like your Trench Guns two (also) (Snicker Snicker giggle)   

Life is getting tougher and tougher for reloaders.  The ONLY shells still made with brass bases are Remington STS/Nitros and Winchester AAs.  The red and grey AAs are the same except for the die used in the plastic.  HOWEVER, a few months ago Winchester announced a new premium AA that is black with a nickle plated base.  That base is steel.  So the statement that AAs are brass now has to be qualified.  Every round manfactured everywhere in the world is now steel.  Some may be nickle plated, some brass plated but they are all steel.  It will be interesting to see how long Remington and Winchester continue making some brass based hulls.  What I use and a lot of people locally use for BP are Remington Gun Clubs.  They are extruded like an STS but have a steel base.  The old wive's tale about ribbed hulls sticking in chambers is mostly BS.  I run the Gun Clubs through a Mec Super Sizer before loading them with BP.  Fire them once and throw them away.  They work flawlessly.  Lots of other local shooters have the same experience.  NOW some guns don't like some shells.  No rhyme or reason some just won't shuck with a certain brand of shell.  But for the most part the Gun Clubs work extremely well once the steel bases are run through the Super Sizer.

I have loaded the Gun Club shells as many a 4 times just to see how they hold up. The plastic looks pretty nasty but they still shuck and shoot just fine.


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