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Another Marlin build started

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Baltimore Ed:
Decided to redo my wife's old 1894s .45 Marlin into a Trapper/ Marauder. All my parts are in except for a carbine buttstock and carbine ladder sight. Today I done the deed, have hacksaw-will travel. Used my bench disc sander to square up my cuts but I’ll still borrow my buds facing tools. [Been having photo issues but maybe I’ve figured it out.] I enlarged the sight bbl/magazine band from Pioneer. The forearm mag tube opening was too small [guess it was for a .38] and had to be enlarged. Been getting the bbl band fit to the forearm tonight. Need to put my new belt drive on my mini mill tomorrow so I can drill the holes in the magazine tube for the endcap. I can still see the dovetail from the forearm cap so I’ll have to fill that in. I’ve also shortened the mag tube a hair from the photo. Looks better a little shorter. As it is now it will hold ten .45 Schofield 200gr loads, one on the carrier and nine in the tube.
All is well with Hacksaw, l’ve been hangin out at Gunboards and MarlinOwners lately.

Got my belt drive installed on my mini mill today. Wasn’t hard, only had to disassemble things once.
Here’s your tintypes, Coffinmaker.


 :)  Ah ..... Biltmore   ;)

Not to be Rude, but, without Tin Types, it's just a Figment.  Glossies Please.  I was wondering why Hacksaw MacGurk was out of town  ::)

With some modification to the lifter, it will run Cowboy 45 Specials.  Lots of 'em.

Stay Safe

Baltimore Ed:
24 inch vs 16 1/4 inch.


 :)  Biltmore   ;)

Most EXCELLENT indeed!!

Stay Safe

That is going to look fantastic when finished! Marauder's are as rare as hen teeth!



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