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Blazing Saddles


On Sunday December 8 at 1 pm I am having a birthday/retirement party at The Joyo Theater at 6102 Havelock Ave, Lincoln, Nebraska.

We are having a screening of that classic from 1974 Blazing Saddles.

Presents are not needed, just show up if you can, dress the part if you wish, bring whoopee cushions or your armpit for sound effects when needed, bring a whole shitload of dimes. Don't just be a pawn in the game of life.

We are planning on having fun and we don't need no stinking badges.

Do show up if you can or the n,,,,,,,,,,, will get it, better not, Facebook bots won't like it.

Aw yes, the days of our youth when we could watch a funny movie without being offended.


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