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Broke down and bought a 7.5 in Vaquero

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Baltimore Ed:
I haven’t bought a a Vaquero since I bought my daughter inlaw a NM Vaquero Birdshead 7 years ago. But I decided that I wanted a 7.5 inch for our Josie Wales matches that we do a couple of times a year. It’s used but all my guns are used. Should be good medicine for our rifle targets. My 2 cas match guns have 4.5 in bbls, I also have a 3.5 Birdshead and a very nice custom Andy Horvath 2.5 inch shopkeeper that he built for me eons ago. The only real drawback is that my new toy is blue/case while all the rest are s/s but of course they’re all .45s. Hopefully I can load up some .452 lc’s this weekend and see how it shoots. Got plenty of 454’s lc loaded for my rechambered martial webleys, colts and smiths but no 452s. I’ll post pics.


My sincere Condolences.  Good luck and best wishes in your future.  ::)

Baltimore Ed:

BTW, just checked the cylinder throats and they all mic .4515 ish so they should be okay for .452 lead rnfp. Do need to clip a coil or two off the hammer spring and replace the alloy ejector rod hsg with steel.

Old vaqueros all had steel ejector housing I believe.


Nope.  Lots of All-U-minimum used in Rugers.  Most popular after-market accessory was a new steel Ejector Housing and a Crescent 'jector
rod.  I had a kid's Beach Pail full of housings and rods before I took it to the Iron Mongers.  At one time the Entire Grip Frame/Trigger Guard was Lum-min-dum.  Anodized.

Actually, .4515 aren't exactly optimum for .452 bullets, but will work pretty ok.  I personally wouldn't mess with throats for .0005.  Optimum would be determined by the Bore Groove diameter.  A difference of .0005 actually borders on "academic."  The throat swaging a .452 bullet down to ..4515 just isn't an issue to fret over.

Somebody went in and reamed those throats - - - - - Betcha.



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