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Regarding the Cleaning of Guns After the Use of Pyrodex and 777

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Guess I will flush the T-7 - The man is now retried from "the industry" - appears he was also wrong about the content of perchlorate as the list shows 30% perchlorate, not 17% as reported.

Professor Marvel:
Well sir, I would not be overly concerned over a misunderstanding, I myself have been wrong more times than I have been right :-)
Also, Lots of warm water never seems to hurt :-)

prof marvel

I personally use water from the cold tap for cleaning black powder fouling from my barrels, ml and ctg.  I've used cold water ever since Holland and Holland told "us" to, in 1978.  My friend, a double rifle and shotgun collector asked them about hot water with an order for his SxS 6 bore ball and shot gun refurbish and a fitted leather bound case for it - they said "do not use other than water from the cold tap".  They said cold water will dissolve the fouling. Hot water can have a glazing effect on hard breech plug fouling buildup, whereas the cold water has no such effect. I've done this since 1978 and have never pitted nor rusted a barrel - since.


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