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Baltimore Ed:
Here's my Colt 1911/Essex.The slide is original 1911 with the small sights and correct roll marks with 100 years of wear and tear. The frame is a 70ish Essex. The problem was that they didn't match at all. The frame, slide, small parts sans the bbl and internals were put in a cloth bag with a bunch of screwdriver bits and ball bearings and then shook and rattled for a while. Then I used browning solution. Luckily the old slide and modern frame and bbl were a good fit. It turned out fine and is 100% reliable. The walnut double diamonds are modern but were also distressed by sanding down the points and staining with dark stain and some ink.

Forty Rod:
Mighty fine job and one of the few I've seen that actually match the"real" antique original finish.

Well done, sir.

Baltimore Ed:
Here's the Colt before.



--- Quote from: Yankee John on November 11, 2005, 08:29:29 AM ---That is a great how-to,  and I used basically the same method when I redid my Uberti Cattleman.  I just had to do something to get rid of that "matte blued" finish!

The only real difference that I did was that I used Flitz polish in the very end.

Here is a pic of the completed Uberti:

--- End quote ---

great work, you are quite an artist if i may say so :) :)


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