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Loading Data for the 50/95WCF

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Grizzly Adams:
At the suggestion of Postman63, I am setting stickies for load data.  If you have pet loads for the 50/95 WCF, please share them here.  As always, use caution when posting and when using data posted on this and any other forum.  :)

Great idea Grizz.  The best load for my .50-95 Uberti is:

Ten-X brass
Winchester large rifle primers
78.0 gr of Swiss 2F poured through drop tube, .030" card wad, then compressed to .370" below case mouth (about .150" compression).
after compression, 2 newspaper wads added on top of the card wad.
Rapine 350 bullet, 20:1, sized .515", lubed wiuth SPG.
Bullet seated .365" into case, O/A cartridge length: 2.255"

This load shoots about as good as I can see:

So am I the only one on the forum who reloads the .50-95? Or are the rest of ya'll just keeping your loads under your hat?


No sir
 I acquired a Chaparral 76 in 50-95 not to long ago
After getting all burrs knocked down and the action all smooth out
A Marble tang sight has been mounted
Barrel has been slugged at 510
Bullets cast and a number of rounds both with TB and BP loaded
I am ready to test her out
Just need the family and work to leave me alone long enough to get to the range
As soon as I do I will post my results


--- Quote ---Just need the family and work to leave me alone long enough to get to the range
--- End quote ---

Good Lord, I know what that's like. I traded for a Uberti 50-95 a few months ago and have barely had time to shoot it. I do have 79 rounds of full case BP ammo with 300 grain 312 bullets loaded for it. One of these days, I'll get to see how she shoots.


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