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Fort Wagner in danger


Sam Hane:
Forwarded e-mail begins:

I belong to the Civil War Preservation Trust, working to preserve America's
Civil War battlefields.  I thought you should know that one of the ten most
endangered battlefields on this year's list is Fort Wagner, where the 54th
Massachusetts fought, as seen in the motion picture "Glory."  A developer wants to
build 20 luxury condos right on the site of the fort.  For more information,
please visit the CWPT's website at www.civilwar.org.

Forwarded e-mail ends >:(

Big Hext Finnigan:
That's a real shame..
We're losing our sense of history and reverance as a country.. :(

Col. Riddles:
That's a shame Sam.  :(   Some people have no thought or reverence for the historic past of our nation. All they give a hoot about is their own greed.  >:(   It's usually people that have more money than they or their great grandchildren could ever dream of spending in their lifetimes.  Many of the historic battle sites are on privately owned lands and as the population of the area increases these big shot developers come along and offer the landowners exorbitant amounts for the land. So some of these sites are being threatened or lost to history forever.  :(



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