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Gabriel Law:
You going to get him to grind off some of that scratching on the outside?

PJ Hardtack:
Naw, it's gonna hide some of the bumps and scrapes the rifle is gonna get bouncin' around in the gun cart and bein' abused on stage props.
To be honest, I'm surprised at the quality of the "scratching", especially on parts like the hammer and lever and the matting done around the scroll work.
However, I had to check the Madis book (page 195) to identify the puma on the right side panel. The guy that sold the rifle to me thought it was a beaver .... The elk on the other side is a good rendition, readily identified.

The rifle qualifies as a safe queen keeper, but I can't own a rifle that I can't or won't shoot. Not at this stage of my life when I nearer the end than the beginning.

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
We are losing Wholesale Sports! It was good while it lasted. Now all we have is a few Duckpro and Cowbell Ass stores/


PJ Hardtack:
It was inevitable. The firm earned the name "No Sale Sports" for it's poor service and lack of stock. Their staff as also lacking in knowledge.

Almost every time I was in the Prince George store, things were out of stock or over priced compared to other outlets.

I was unable to navigate their web site well and asked in the store to be put on their mailing list for notice of specials. That never happened.

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
SIL & I dropped into the Ft. Langley post. 20 to 30% off. Quite busy as you cab expect. Ther carcass will be there for scavanging up to 28 December or while stocks last.


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