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Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Frontier Action Shooting in BC comes under the umbrella of WCFSS, The Western Canadian Frontier Shootist Society.  Their website is;   

The editor of The EXPRESS is Mike "Purple Foot" Cianci  250 376 1386

Local clubs are;

     shoot org;  Kevin VanCleemput   250 479 4276

     shoot org.  "41 Colt Bob"   604 929 0178

     shoot org;   Doug Berkey   250 579 5819

Updated 10 Feb 08
     Schedule;  Third Sunday, 10:00am, after safety meeting, and every second Wednesday at 6:00 pm 'til dark

Updated 3 Jan 08;
Phil Peterson  "High Country Amigo" 250 334 3479  <>
Jolean Wilson "Victoria Diamond" 250 656 2520
Club Shoot, EVERY third Saturday of each month.  Safety meeting @ 8:45 am

Updated 12 Jan 08; 
Dogwood Dino is well on the way to starting a northern posse in Mackenzie.  He is the big guy in the old hat, or was it the old guy in the big hat? click on "shooting" & "photogallery"...  Or PM "Dogwood Dino"

Updated 31 Jan 8;
Cranbrook & District Rod & Gun Club  Call Debbie @ 250 421 8441  <gunlady1@telus .net>

As more, and more accurate contacts come in, this post will be updated. 

If you are unable to connect with any of the clubs, PM Sir Charles deMoutonBlack

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
2008 Cowboy Action Match Dates
March Mayhem March 2nd  Judge Bill Spinks  604-526-0836 Mission
Malahat Ridge Shoot  February 3rd  Teacher C.  250-478-2411 Victoria
April Ambush April 6th  Judge Bill Spinks 604-526-0836 Mission
Nimrod / Buffalo Shoot  April 12th & 13th  Teacher C.  250-478-2411 Victoria
Hefley Creek Ice Breaker T.B.A.  Doug Berkey 250-579-5819 Kamloops
May Massacre May 4th  Judge Bill Spinks 604-526-0836 Mission

Shootout at the Ridge
    8th Annual May 23rd thru 25th Judge Bill Spinks 604-526-0836 Mission

June Justice June 8th  Judge Bill Spinks 604-526-08368 Mission

Palmer's Gulch
 July 4th - 7th  Doug Berkey 250-579-5819 Kamloops
July Jamboree July 6th Judge Bill Spinks 604-526-08368 Mission
Showdown in the Valley
Vancouver Island Invitational  July 19th  High Country Amigo 250-334-3479 Courtenay
Wild West Days  T.B.A.  Into Buffalo  306-410-6869 Custer, WA, USA
August Call-out August 10th Judge Bill Spinks 604-526-0836 Mission

Headquartes Shoot  August 23rd & 24th  Teacher C.  250-478-2411 Victoria
SASS Canadian  Regional Championship Aug 28th thru Aug 31st High Country Amigo  250-334-3479 Courtenay
Registration @ Vendor tables Joleen Wilson "Victoria Diamond" 250 656 2520 <>
September Stampede  September 7th Judge Bill Spinks 604-526-08368 Mission
Hefley Creek Fall Wind Up T.B.A. Doug Berkey 250-579-5819 Kamloops
Oktoberfest Schuetzen October 5th Judge Bill Spinks 604-526-0836 Mission

Bunkhouse Shoot  November 2nd Teacher C.  250-478-2411 Victoria

November Round-up November 9th Judge Bill Spinks 604-526-0836 Mission



Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
Sir Charles......thanks for the time table for 2008.

Last Easter at the gun show in Calgary, I met a gentleman from Cranbrook, BC who stated that they had just started a cowboy action shooting club in that city (2007) and to come on down.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any more info regarding this at the time.

Have you heard anything regarding this club? 



Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
BCLD:  Cranbrook is an interesting place.  It is very near Wildhorse Creek,  the first Kootenay gold rush.  Fisherville was the precurser to Noname City, as the miners burnt it down to follow the gold under the town when all else failed.  There was a real gunfight there in 1862 and vigilanty action followed, until the Magistrate arrived.  A posse of miners followed "One Eared Charlie" to the Bonners Ferry area & filled him full of Buckshot for killing a BC Provincial.  Fort Steele followed later when an Indian was falsely accused of a killing actually perpetrated by the local big rancher.  Sam Steele set up a mountie post but it was abandoned when the indian scare blew over.  Now the remains are an Historic site.

To the point, alll info is welcome but I'll folla up next year.  I'm off to lay a wreath at the grave of J Wes Hardin!

Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
Been to Ft Steele many times, Ol' Sam Steele reminds me of Hank Snow's song "I've been everywhere man"

If you follow Sam's trails, he has just about covered all of the Canadian prairies and most of it looking through a horses ears.  :)


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